In 2014, I pitched this project on Kickstarter to crowdfund the material cost

Through friends, family and many strangers, it raised a total of $2,000

Tested a large range of different materials to find the ideal blend of strength/weight/flexibility

Constructed several jacket and full suit prototypes to experiment and finalize design

Bottom Layer 

Mid Layer 

Mid Layer 

Top Layer 

Top Plating 

-    Cotton

-    Various Density Foam Pads

-    2000 Denier Kevlar

-    Stretch Polyester

-    1/4" Kydex

Final torso front and back layers

An article was published about this project in USAToday which went viral and lead to being featured on over 200 websites.  Notable mentions among them are CNNBuzzfeed and Time.  I also did a number of TV interviews for several Discovery Channel shows and news stations, and even went live on air on local Fox news to demo the suit.

After the all the publicity from the initial suit I started my own company, Armatus Designs, and began making suits for clients on commission.  Below are examples of some of the other suits I've completed.